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31 March 2020

Rockynats01 to be held over Easter 2021


Rockhampton Regional Council has today announced that the new date for Rare Spares Rockynats!


Originally to be held this June, the event will now be postponed until April 2-5, 2021.


Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow said moving the event to Easter provides an even better opportunity for Rockynats and the community.  


“Rockynats has already captured hearts and minds around Australia even before its first event. So, disappointing as it is that we have had to reschedule, it has created an extraordinary opportunity for us,” Mayor Strelow said.


“The event will now move to Easter 2021 and remain an Easter event for Rockhampton.


“Every cloud has a silver lining and we have been looking for a major event to fill our calendar at Easter for a while.


“June has traditionally been crowded with many things happening at once, but the extra days that Easter presents will allow Rockynats to be expanded and deliver a fabulous economic boost for Central Queensland as our streets will be filled with activity.


Our team along with Summernats are already planning the new schedule starting with a ‘Dream Cruise’ street parade for families on the Good Friday.”


Due to the sheer size of the event and ongoing uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on businesses, Rockhampton Region Mayor Margaret Strelow said hosting Rockynats over the 2021 Easter break was the safest option.

“Holding the event over the long weekend in Easter 2021 allows us to focus on what we need to do right now to pull through the Coronavirus situation and also gives us time to work on a new program with the potential to be bigger than originally planned for the inaugural event.


“Our team along with Summernats are already planning the new schedule starting with a ‘Dream Cruise’ street parade for families on the Good Friday.


“Holding the event on public holidays will also mean our CBD streets will be filled with activity and a welcome economic boost during a period that is traditionally quiet.”


Summernats owner, Andy Lopez said the new dates offer some great opportunities to expand the event.


“We all want to see Rockynats happen as soon as it can, and Easter is a perfect compromise in our imperfect world,” Mr Lopez said.


Rare Spares Managing Director, Lance Corby said while it is disappointing to see that Rockynats won’t be going ahead this year, the Rare Spares team will continue to throw full support behind the event in 2021 as the naming rights sponsor.


“Rare Spares is committed to Rockynats01 for the long haul, and we are excited to work with event organisers to deliver a bigger and better event than we had originally anticipated,” Mr Corby said.


Rockhampton Regional Council’s Manager of Tourism, Events and Marketing, Annette Pearce said with more than 5000 tickets sold, sales are now suspended with current ticket holders and entrants having the option of transferring their ticket/s to the new dates or receive a refund.


“Officers are working with Rockynats suppliers and sponsors to provide the same level of service, support and commitment, including emergency services who have other priorities at this time.” 


The Rare Spares Rockynats is proudly presented by Rockhampton Regional Council in association with Summernats.

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